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  • Free PuppyGroom Training

  • To let puppies get used to a visit at the dog hairdresser, I offer a FREE puppy training for people who are interested in this.

    Just like human children, young puppies get to process new impressions and experiences every day. They still have a lot to learn. The experiences that he now gains determine how the dog reacts to a certain situation later.

    A visit to the dog grooming salon means a multitude of new experiences:

    • stand on the trimming table and be brushed
    • be washed
    • blow-dried
    • checking ears
    • check teeth
    • cutting nails
    • be held in the hands
    • touching legs, tail, groin, feet, belly, etc. by a strange person

    Your puppy should have the opportunity to get used to the above in a fun casual way.

    As a dog groomer I see many adult dogs who react insecure and even anxious to a visit to the dog grooming salon caused by negative experiences in the past. I have developed a method to prevent that, just by teaching the pup at a young age that there is no reason to be "scared". I introduce the young dog in a playful way to the actions and materials that I will use in the future for the complete trim and reward desirable behavior.

    Many of my adult clipping candidates who come to me from puppy are happy to be able to visit me again and undergo the treatment without stress. A few do not even want to go home.