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  • De-Shedding

  • Your dog's fur and skin, an important organ
    The skin and fur of the dog are inextricably linked and together they are largely responsible for the health of your dog. They protect the dog's body against germs, sunlight and dehydration. Neglect or improper care can therefore have serious consequences for the well-being of your dog. Brushing on time is therefore important!

    This means that the undercoat is removed from underneath so that the coat is easier to brush. The undercoat often tangels quickly and is then close to the skin. The de-wooling is done with a rake or nowadays there is also a new trimming tool the 'furminator'.

    De-wooling is done, for example, with the Benner Sennen, Chow Chows and Newfoundlanders, but also at Labradors and Herders to help them through the moulting.

    Detangling is a patient job. Dogs for which (parts of) the coat must remain long must be brushed. But often not enough maintenance is done to the coat, which can cause annoying tangles and even felting. Depending on the condition of the coat I use different tools for this.