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  • Why is it necessary to care for the nails?

    Taking care of your dog's nails helps him to live a better and healthier life, because non-maintained nails can lead to a variety of health problems. For example, nails that are too long can affect the position of the feet and legs incorrectly, which means that the dog can suffer premature wear and disease.

    What is a Hubertus claw?

    The fifth toe, also called a hubertus claw, sits just above the foot and often only consists of a nail and one or a few toe legs without a normal connection to the leg. However, the nail can get quite long and get caught in bushes or fencing. In extreme circumstances, these nails can curl completely and grow in the legs. The dog then gets pain and difficulty walking. In the long term, it can even contribute to the development of arthritis. That is why it is usually advised to amputate these claws during the first three days after birth. If not, the nail will have to be cut regularly.

    When do I check your dog's nails?

    All dogs that come to me for a small or full trim will I check the nails and possibly cut.